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Railwatch on the Funnel!

Welcome to Folkston, Georgia!
Want trains?  We have them, plenty of them.  Come on out
and visit us and see why this is one of the hottest spots to
watch trains in the Southeast.  Folkston is home to CSX's
Florida Funnel.  Read More

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CSXT Q441-14 (Waycross, GA - Tampa, FL)

Q441 Blasts south as he enters the funnel
heading for his destination in Tampa, FL. 
Allan Williams grabbed this great shot from
the overpass located just north of town.  Read More

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CSXT Q133-12 (N. Baltimore - JAX)

We're not quite sure who's having all the fun in this photo also by Allan Williams. The conductor on CSXT Q133-12 salutes his fans along the funnel as they glide south to Jacksonville, FL. Read More


Did you know you can listen and watch all the train
action in Folkston right from your living room?

Thanks to the dedication of a few of our fellow railfans
we are able to listen and watch all the funnel action right
from home.  Folkston has a great network of folks who are
committed to bringing you trackside without actually being
trackside... Read More